Amy's Adventures in Darfur

I started this blog when I left for Darfur in June 2006. I was working as a midwife with MSF aka "Medecins Sans Frontiers" aka "Doctors without Borders" but this blog contains my own opinions and stories- not those of MSF. It is less political than I want it to be and I have been unable to post stories about certain topics due to the fact that this is on the internet and accessible to anyone. I wish I could tell you all of the stories but since I can't, I will tell you the ones that I can...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Milena syringe-feeding our baby orphan (from the story "natural healers")


Anonymous Judy said...

HI Amy, My name is Judy , your step father is my Dentist. I have just returned from my 4th trip to Africa. I totally understand what you saw and felt while you were there. I hope you have someone with experience to talk to since you have been back. Its very important for you to be able to vent. I was working with children with disabilites, such as, cleft palate, spina bifida, club feet. My email addy is, any time you need to talk let me know :)

3:32 PM  

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